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Rubik's Cube is fun

There are several positive aspects to solving a cube. Above all, it is a very favorable investment for the development of one’s own well-being and many qualities.

First, we point out that solving a cube helps improve muscle memory and concentration. This is because remembering and using different algorithms is one of the bases for assembling a cube. In addition, it develops patience, speed, and coping with the difficult situations we face in our daily lives.

Solving a cube is suitable for everyone, both children and adults. The Cube helps to avoid boredom, gives the eyes opportunity to rest from the screen light, and the idea to get away from everyday activities.

Our goal is to popularize cube-solving in both the Baltics and Finland.

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Exciting Entertainment for Everyone

Rubik’s cubes are suitable for children, young people, and adults. Both the novice solver and the enthusiast will find a suitable puzzle in the product range.

Rubik’s Cube as Developing Toy

With this seemingly simple toy, you can develop your muscle memory, concentration, and coping with difficult situations.

High-quality Products

Modern Rubik’s cubes make solving an experience. Compared to traditional Rubik’s cubes, our products have better features that ensure a pleasant solving experience.

Wide product range

The product range includes other puzzles besides the Rubik’scube such as Skewb and Pyraminx. In addition, you will find various accessories for the Rubik’s cube in our e-shop.


I didn’t know which Rubik’s cube to buy for a child for a birthday, and I contacted Balticcubes on Instagram. They responded quickly and we found a suitable product that arrived at the parcel machine the next day. The Rubik’s cube was a lot of fun for the child, and such a developing toy is much better for him to play games with his phone.

Svetlana K.


I had tried to solve a friend’s cube years ago, but I could not solve it. I ordered a MoYu RS3 Speed Cube from the Balticcubes eshop to test myself again. Thanks to the magnets, it is very nice to solve the cube, and I learned it in two days according to the instructions in the package. At work, it is great to solve the cube in the meantime, and then the eyes can also rest from the computer. Recommend! 

Marko P.


I bought a MoYu Meilong Rubik’s cube set for my 7. and 11-year-old children from the Balticcubes e-shop. The product reached the selected parcel machine in two days. The children learned how to solve cubes quickly. Besides, the quality of the cubes is very high. At the initiative of the children, I also learned to solve a 3×3 cube by myself, and it is fun!

Kersti S.


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