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X-Man Tornado V2 3×3 M


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Liitu ootenimekirjaga, et saada teavitus, kui see toode on saadav

The X-Man Tornado V2 is one of the latest flagships of the well-known brand QiYi, which is sold out in many e-shops around the world. This Speed Cube has perfect features – it’s light, fast, and surprisingly smooth. What makes this cube special is the fact that its magnets can be conveniently and quickly adjusted according to your preferences. In addition, we point out that the dimensions of the cube are 55mm, which is a bit smaller than a regular 3×3 Rubik’s cube. If you want to have a perfect Speed Cube solving experience, then this should be your choice.

For the best cubing experience, we recommend using it with a Speed Cube timer.

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