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GAN 14 Maglev UV


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Step into the future of speed cubing with the GAN 14 3×3 Magnetic (MagLev) cube. This revolutionary cube boasts an astonishing 1,296 customization settings, offering unparalleled precision and control for cubers of all levels.

Lightweight & Durable:
Weighing just 70.3g, the GAN 14 MagLev is lighter than its predecessors, GAN 13 and GAN 12, ensuring effortless handling. The UV-coated, frosted exterior finish not only looks sleek but also offers an improved grip.

Advanced Core Technology:
The cube features a V6 enhanced core positioning system 4.0, which provides superior auto-alignment between 15-40 degrees. This is a significant upgrade over the V5 and V3 systems in the GAN 13 and GAN 12 models, respectively.

Magnetic Excellence:
With 88 factory-installed magnets and 12 corner/edge magnet settings, the GAN 14 MagLev offers six magnet settings for a customized magnetic feel. The magnetic repulsion technology eliminates the need for springs, resulting in a faster turning feel.

Numerical GTN Tensioning:
The GAN 14 MagLev comes with a Numerical GTN tensioning system that offers six different settings, allowing you to find the perfect tension for your cubing style.

Honeycomb Design:
The innovative honeycomb piece design ensures better lubricant distribution, making your cube glide smoothly during each turn.

Storage & Extras:
Your GAN 14 MagLev comes in a Version 11 storage box, keeping it safe and secure when not in use.

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