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MoYu Super RS3 M v2

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The MoYu Super RS3 M V2 3×3 Magnetic Cube is an extraordinary update to the renowned “RS3” series, elevating it to top-tier status among speed cubes. This cube boasts cutting-edge “MagLev” Magnetic repulsion technology, offering the benefits of a smooth and lightning-fast turning feel without the need for springs. The UV-coated exterior provides a high gloss finish with improved grip, while the dual-adjustment system offers 9 settings for a customized feel. Measuring at a smaller 55.5mm size, it enhances the snappy corner-cutting and overall performance. The MoYu Super RS3 M V2 promises a customizable, fast, and thrilling experience for cubing enthusiasts of all levels.

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