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About us

Who is Balticcubes?

We are the first and only online toy shop in the Baltics to offer professional and high-quality cubes at affordable prices. You will find all kinds of accessories in our product range, which will make solving a colored cube an experience.

The product range includes only the best and well-known brands of speed cubes, such as Gan, MoYu, and QiYi.

We want people to invest in themselves, their children, or some good friends because we are all playful.


  • Balticcubes is the only toy e-shop in the Baltics that offers professional and high-quality Speed Cubes and accessories at affordable prices.
  • We specialize only in the sale of cubes, which is why we are specialists in this field.
  • We are enthusiasts in the field, who are always ready to give you personal advice and share recommendations when choosing a new cube.
  • The product range includes cubes from well-known brands such as Gan, MoYu, Dayan, QiYi, YuXin, which are difficult to find in other toy stores.
  • Both the beginner solver and the advanced enthusiast will find a suitable cube in our product range.
  • Our loyal customers are all over the Baltics and Finland.

Our goal

Our goal is to popularize cube-solving in Baltics. We believe that with the help of this seemingly simple toy, each person can hone or develop their own different personal characteristics and sides. At the same time, solving a cube is suitable for everyone, both children and adults.


The Speed Cube is rational to buy from the Balticcubes e-store due to several factors:

  • The goods are delivered quickly – the product arrives to the customer via Omniva or SmartPost parcel machine usually in 1-3 working days.
  • Convenient payment methods – payment by bank transfer or debit/credit card.
  • Affordable prices, a wide range of products, and personal offers.
  • Always professional and friendly service.

We promise all this to you if you choose the Speed Cube from the Balticcubes e-store – affordable prices, high product quality, and always fast delivery to the parcel machine!