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Rubik’s cube as a developing toy – History and different types

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The Rubik’s Cube is a twisty riddle imagined by Ernő Rubik in the spring of 1974.

Speedcubing competitions started to show up in various districts, turning into a stage where 3D square devotees could show their speedsolving capacities. This in the long run prompted the association of the World Rubik’s Cube Championship in 1982 (WC1982), making it the absolute first significant rivalry.

Shockingly, rivalries stopped after 1983 as the solid shape furor died down despite infrequent riddle discharges. This purported ‘dull age’ went on until the mid-1990s, when the web began turning into a normal piece of families, denoting another time of correspondence. From 1996 onwards, the ascent of customized sites turned into an open stage for cubers to give a wide range of cubing accessories and instructional exercises. 

In 2001, arranging a World Championship in New York was in progress however it shockingly must be canceled because of wellbeing worries at that point. In 2003, Ron figured out how to connect with Dan Gosbee to put together a speedcubing World Championship in Toronto, Canada. The group figured out how to get support and get broad media inclusion for the occasion. With 89 rivals altogether close by a group of rivalry staff, the World Rubik’s Games Championship 2003 (WC2003) occurred and was a significant achievement, denoting an unimaginable achievement since WC1982.

With a developing interest in actual rivalries, conversations started on the Yahoo! Speedsolving Group about the possibility of a speedcubing board to more readily supervise rivalries and reliable histories. 

The serious idea of speedcubing proceeded with its spread, arriving in South America, Oceania, and Africa in 2007, 2009, and 2014 individually. The expansion of WCA Delegates and Staff was fundamental in keeping up the developing interest for rivalries, making it more open for additional contenders during the time that followed. 

Since WC2003, the speedcubing local area has chosen to switch between World Championships and Continental Championships consistently, offering freedoms to various nations across the globe to offer for titles they desire to have. These significant rivalries have become a feature that numerous cubers anticipate with fervor close to normal rivalries. 

Mechanical progressions from the mid-2000s to the last part of the 2010s have been a major piece of improving the nature of rivalries and making more associations between speedcubers across the globe. From improved speedcubing equipment to the ascent of online media and live streaming innovation, all these have permitted the cubing scene to flourish with records being broken and rivalries being more open than any time in recent memory. Since October 2018, the WCA has been formally perceived as a non-benefit association, adding further authenticity and status. A WCA Forum was additionally dispatched in April 2020 as a correspondence stage for the local area to voice their contemplations and ideas. As of the hour of composing, the WCA has more than 140,000 enrolled cubers from 143 nations having contended in right around 7,000 rivalries, with the cubing local area pressing onward!


The 3×3  Rubik’s cube is the most popular cube that many have encountered in the past. In fact, it is not the only developing toy in the world of cubes, but the product range is insanely huge. Furthermore, we list all the different types that you can find in our product range.


The 2×2 Rubik’s cube is the smallest and generally also the easiest cube to solve, so it’s a good choice to make your first introduction to the cube world. We believe that this developing toy is suitable for both children and adults, and everyone can learn how to solve it. All of our products come with a guide to help you learn smoothly. The speedcube MoYu RS2 M is one of the best 2×2 Rubik’s cubes and it is ideal for both beginners and enthusiasts.


The 3×3 Rubik’s cube is definitely the most popular cube that most people know and have held at least once. Many people believe that this developing toy is only suitable for children or that it is very difficult to solve, so they do not even dare to start solving it. We are convinced that the 3×3 Rubik’s cube is definitely suitable for all people and you will learn how to solve it in a day or two. We encourage you to try and choose, for example, the QiYi Warrior S speedcube, as it has very good features and an affordable price.


The 4×4 Rubik’s cube is the most complex cube in our product range. The cube is more suitable for an advanced solver or a lover of puzzles. It is also suitable for people who like challenges and difficult situations in life – this is what a 4×4 Rubik’s cube is like as a developing toy. As this is a rather complicated puzzle, solving it must be smooth, convenient, and enjoyable. Therefore, the QiYi W/S2 4×4 cube is very suitable for you, because it has great features for the solver. 


Solving a 5×5 Rubik’s cube seems more complicated than it is. We believe that this developing toy is well suited for people who already have a clear solution to a 3×3 Rubik’s cube. Learning to solve this will certainly require patience and more effort, but it is worth it. Speedcube QiYi Jelly 5×5 is a good choice for everyone who would like to try solving a bigger and more complicated puzzle. It is a cube from the Jelly series, which has a unique and interesting look, as well as good features. 


Pyraminx is a developing toy that is not directly a cube because the pyramid is not cube-shaped. It is a twisty puzzle that belongs to the field of “other puzzles”. Pyraminx is suitable for all solvers and people because learning this solution is very easy and affordable for even the smallest ones. YuXin LittleMagic Pyraminx M provides a great solving experience, as the magnets in the corners make the movement of the sides extremely smooth. Remo Pihel, one of the best Pyraminx solvers in Estonia, shows how to solve this puzzle incredibly fast – watch the video HERE.


Skewb is a very popular developmental toy, which differs in its solution from the usual Rubik’s cube. We also believe that solving Skewb and learning it is rather easy, which makes it very suitable for both children and adults who want to solve a new and interesting puzzle. QiYi Jelly Skewb has a unique design and look from the Jelly series, which is ideal for beginners and learners.


It is a very favorable investment for the development of one’s well-being and many qualities. Rubik’s cube solution is suitable for everyone, both children and adults. It helps to avoid boredom, gives the eyes the opportunity to rest from the screen light, and you can get away from everyday activities.

If you do not know which Rubik’s cube to choose for yourself, a child, or a friend, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram and we will definitely find a suitable product!